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Rutgers Students and Faculty Force Condolezza Rice to Cancel $35,000 Commencement Speech

Dear friend, The grassroots movement for accountability is not going away. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice are being met with demonstrations wherever they appear in public. And this movement is making a difference! Congratulations to the student and faculty organizers at Rutgers University whose recent mass organizing effort resulted in a major victory that will continue to inspire others

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People from Canada and the United States demand that Cheney be arrested

Dick Cheney went on national television Sunday to promote a new war, this time against Iran. How can this contemptible character be allowed to go around getting huge fees for speaking engagements and selling his book? Promoting endless war after having committed one of the great crimes in recent history by invading Iraq, Cheney feels emboldened. Or at least he

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