Rutgers Students and Faculty Force Condolezza Rice to Cancel $35,000 Commencement Speech

The Rutgers victory continues the tradition of rejecting Bush’s team of war criminals. Above, Boston College in 2006.

Dear friend,

The grassroots movement for accountability is not going away. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice are being met with demonstrations wherever they appear in public.

And this movement is making a difference!

Congratulations to the student and faculty organizers at Rutgers University whose recent mass organizing effort resulted in a major victory that will continue to inspire others to keep up similar efforts all around the world.

Condoleezza Rice, who served as Bush’s National Security Advisor, was forced to cancel her $35,000 commencement speech at Rutgers University scheduled for May 18 because of the mass organizing efforts of students and faculty who demanded that the university rescind their invitation based on her role in the criminal war against Iraq – a war that needlessly killed one million Iraqi’s and killed more than 5,000 U.S. service-members with tens of thousands more suffering from life-changing wounds.

The students organized weeks of protests and staged a sit-in last week outside the office of the university’s president, Robert L. Barchi, to protest the invitation to Rice. Students confronted Mr. Barchi on campus last Friday, chanting “Cancel Condi” as he walked out of a meeting.

What happened at Rutgers shows the real power of a grassroots organizing movement In February, the Rutgers faculty council passed a resolution asking the university to rescind the invitation “because of Rice’s leading role in lying to the American people about the reasons for the war in Iraq.

The New York Times and other major media picked up on the Rutgers protests showing again the power of a grassroots organizing movement.

To the thousands of activists, volunteers and supporters around the country – and to the millions who want accountability and justice – we must see in the successful action at Rutgers that today’s generation of students, those who were just children at the time of the criminal invasion of Iraq in 2003, are a new, powerful voice demonstrating that the people of the United States will not consent to a free pass for powerful officials who carry out criminal acts.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

— From all of us at IndictBushNow

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