No whitewash for Bush’s crimes

Dear supporter of IndictBushNow,

With your help the movement demanding the indictment and prosecution of George W. Bush held powerful actions in Dallas coinciding with the opening of the Bush Library.

We want to especially thank the Indict Bush Now volunteers and supporters.

At the very moment Bush was trying to reinvent himself in the mass media as a great and wise leader, bombs were exploding all over Iraq killing and maiming hundreds more in the latest spate of sectarian violence spawned directly by Bush’s Shock and Awe invasion a decade ago. Back home, tens of thousands of  Iraq war veterans were trying to go forward with their lives in spite of life-changing wounds and 5,000 families live with the memory of a loved one who died in the war.

It was critical that the Iraqi people – and people all over the world – could see the American people in the streets on April 25 demanding that Bush be indicted for war crimes.

Reportback: What happened in Dallas

People came from all over the country to join these dramatic actions. War veterans, peace activists, former government officials who resigned in protest of the Iraq invasion, human rights attorneys and religious figures joined together on April 25 to demand the prosecution of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and other high officials who committed criminal acts.

The People’s Response in Texas was key to the success of the actions – mobilizing, securing permits and spreading the word.

As thousands of people streamed in for the official ceremony and local, national and international media gathered, people from across the country came together to tell the truth in the face of the attempt to whitewash the crimes of the Bush administration with the opening of this library. Beginning early in the morning and continuing until after the dedication concluded and the attendees had all left the area, the message of “Indict Bush Now” and “Guilty of War Crimes” was communicated loud and clear.

Groups and prominent individuals who participated included CODEPINK; Veterans for Peace; Iraq Veterans Against the War; well-known activists Col. Ann Wright, who resigned from the State Department in protest of the Iraq War; Coleen Rowley, a “whistleblower” who worked for the FBI for 24 years; Cindy Sheehan, who became an anti-war leader after her son was killed in Iraq; and television host and film producer Phil Donahue.

We at Indict Bush Now want to thank everyone – volunteers, organizers and supporters — who made these actions so powerful.

We have an obligation to all of those killed and injured as a result of the Bush administration’s criminal policies – those in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in the U.S. military – to continue to raise the banner of indictment wherever Bush-Cheney gang goes.

Please make a generous donation today to help us continue with this work.

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