• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

AAA recommends travelers obtain an international driver’s license

AAA recently released the results of a survey revealing that millions of Americans are planning international travel in the near future. In fact, a quarter of Americans plan to take an international vacation in the next 18 months, according to the Travel Survey.

“More and more travelers are looking for experiential travel opportunities and looking for ways to engage intimately with their destination, whether at home or abroad,” said Paula Twidale, vice president of AAA Travel. “There are plenty of ways to do this, especially with the great road trip to the United States which remains a beloved vacation option, and for many AAA has found that road travel is becoming more and more appealing. for US travelers abroad. “

The AAA survey also found that 80% of Americans have taken at least one stay outside the United States, and two in five of them (nearly 77 million adults) have rented or used a personal vehicle to do so.

To that end, AAA recommends travelers consider getting an international driver‘s license before their next big getaway. Valid in over 150 countries and printed in 10 languages, an International Driving Permit (IDP) is invaluable if travelers need to communicate with foreign authorities, even if they don’t plan to drive.

An IDP is a legal document that translates US driver’s license information into 10 foreign languages. Many countries do not recognize U.S. driver’s licenses without an IDP, and it is illegal to drive without a valid license and insurance in most places.

As international travel grows in popularity with U.S. vacationers, AAA reports a 33% increase in the number of IDPs sold over the past five years (through 2018). With an international driving vacation comes additional planning considerations and documents that travelers should be prepared for.

“Travelers can easily apply for an international driver’s license with an application accessible online or in person at AAA, whether they are members or not,” Twidale said. “The nominal $ 20 fee is a small price to pay for peace of mind when traveling internationally.”

Travelers can get an IDP at any AAA agency. All that is required is to bring a valid US driver’s license, $ 20, and two 2 inch x 2 inch passport size photos with a white background.

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