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Aggregator Taxi Drivers Now Ping Drop Location and Cancel Mumbai Ride | Bombay News

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jul 31, 2021


MUMBAI: A taxi driver from an aggregator lodged a complaint with Uber on Friday saying that a new driver’s modus operandi was to message customers through the app before a ride, asking them “Where to go.” -you ? ”
“It’s absurd because partner drivers are not allowed to inquire with customers about the destination. In the past, they would call and ask customers where they were going, then cancel the ride. Now the new method is to send messages through the app, ”said Virat Singh, a biker who was harassed while booking an Uber taxi from CSMT to Dahisar on Friday night.
An Uber official messaged the rider saying, “We encourage drivers to complete all travel requests and avoid causing discomfort to passengers. We understand that issues like this are never pleasant to deal with, and we sincerely appreciate your taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Rest assured, we’ve taken note of your feedback on our point-based model that will help us take appropriate action on the driver profile. Appreciate your understanding in this regard.
He recalled that such messages had been given for a few days. “I had a similar driver a few days ago who sent me a message asking ‘Where are you going? It’s unwarranted and I complained to Uber on Twitter, ”he said.


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