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Auto, Delhi taxi drivers go on strike and demonstrate for an indefinite period from April 18: here’s why

ByElla E. Kidwell

Apr 8, 2022

Amid the continued rise in petrol, diesel and CNG prices, a section of car drivers in Delhi went on a one-day strike on Friday.

Associations of car, taxi and taxi drivers will stage protests against the Center as well as the city government at Jantar Mantar on Friday and at the Delhi Secretariat on April 11 against the CNG price hike.


More protests are expected by motorists in the coming days as they say rising CNG prices are making it difficult to chase.

What motorists are saying

“Labour is affected as the price of CNG increases every day. Old meter rates are still being tracked,” said one motorist.

“If we charge Rs 10-20 more from passengers, they get off the car and drive away. The price of CNG is increasing every day. Where will the poor go? Government will only take note when all the drivers get off in the street,” said Vijay Kumar, another car driver.

Delhi rickshaw strike over CNG price hike

“Many of us drive rental autorickshaws. After buying CNG and paying the owner of the autorickshaw, there is not much left in our hands. What are we even going to earn and what are we going to use for us?” said Prem Das, another autorickshaw driver.

Unions call for subsidy

Sarvodaya Drivers Welfare Association Ravi Rathor, who claims to have around 4 lakh drivers as members in Delhi-NCR, has said his association will go on an ‘unlimited strike’ if their demands for CNG price cuts or fare increases fail. are not fulfilled.

“We are demanding a reduction in CNG tariffs and if the prices cannot be reduced, the tariff must be increased to meet the price increase.

Delhi rickshaw strike over CNG price hike

“There have been no Ola and Uber fare reviews in the past 7-8 years. At tomorrow’s protest, we will also be taking a call for an indefinite strike,” Rathor told PTI.

Rajendra Soni, general secretary of Delhi Auto Rickshaw Sangh, said the rise in CNG prices is “unprecedented” and it is becoming difficult for taxi, cab and auto drivers to survive.

Around 1 lakh of auto rickshaws are currently circulating in the nation’s capital.

Delhi rickshaw strike over CNG price hike

Soni said his association had written to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to provide a subsidy of ₹35 per kg on CNG.

“We will go on an indefinite strike from April 18 if our demand is not met. We have also decided to organize a symbolic demonstration at the secretariat on April 11 to oppose the price hike,” Soni told PTI. .

Delhi’s public transport, including taxis, cars, taxis and buses, runs mostly on CNG.

Delhi rickshaw strike over CNG price hike

CNG price in Delhi

CNG prices in the nation’s capital on Thursday were hiked for the second straight day by ₹2.50 per kilogram, bringing the total increase since March to 12.5 rupees per kg.

CNG in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi now costs ₹69.11 per kg from ₹66.61 per kg a few days ago.

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