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Black taxi drivers face battle for existence amid calls to drop notorious Knowledge taxi test

ByElla E. Kidwell

May 4, 2022

BLACK cabs may be at the end of the road – as Knowledge faces calls for removal.

An influential think tank says drivers of ride-sharing apps, including Uber, should have the same privileges as black taxi drivers.


Black cabs may be at the end of the road – as Knowledge faces calls for removalCredit: Getty

A report from the Adam Smith Institute recommends the world famous London map test be carried out – which licensed taxi drivers warned last night would be a ‘disaster’.

Minicabs and others should also be able to use bus lanes and pick up passengers from the street to make services cheaper and easier, the institute recommends.

Ministers are currently considering more regulation by introducing an Ofqual certified test for all potential taxi drivers.

But Tory MP Greg Smith and the ASI are calling for greater deregulation.

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Mr Smith said the reform was “long overdue”, adding: “The consumer choice revolution brought about by services like Uber needs to be tailored to how the state sees taxi services”.

Steve McNamara, general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, lambasted the idea.

He told The Sun: ‘This report appears to argue for a race to the bottom, which would undermine the quality of important services provided by licensed taxis and seriously compromise passenger safety.’

He said he was exploring “how the knowledge could be modernised” but its removal “would be catastrophic for the industry and for passengers”.

He added: “A GPS is no substitute for the knowledge and experience of a professional driver, especially in a busy and ever-changing city like ours.”

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