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Crime Attack Shouts Against Taxi Drivers From Kolkata App

ByElla E. Kidwell

Oct 28, 2021

Two police complaints of misconduct and assault were filed by passengers of a taxi in the application against drivers between Sunday and Monday.

A man filed a complaint on the Calcutta Police Bondhu app, alleging that a taxi driver had beaten him and attempted to assault his wife as they got out of the vehicle after reaching their destination in the south of Calcutta Monday.

The couple had asked the driver to come forward a few meters but the driver allegedly refused, which led to an altercation.

“The driver abused … my wife. He tried to assault me ​​and my wife and tried to grab her phone, purse and a package she was holding, ”the man said in his complaint.

The complainant said the incident happened around 5 p.m. He said that while trying to stop the driver from grabbing his wife’s valuables, he received a blow to the forehead, which left him with a wound around one of his eyes.

The man attached three photos of the taxi driver to his complaint.

On Sunday evening, a couple of software developers alleged that an app taxi driver beat up the man and tried to grab his wife’s cell phone from him. The man was injured in the head.

The couple were shopping at New Market on Sunday when the woman fell ill. They hired a taxi back to their home in Baguiati.

After getting into the taxi, the man urged the driver to turn on the air conditioning because his wife was not feeling well. The driver reportedly refused. The man then offered to pay an additional Rs 200 for the air conditioning, but the driver still reportedly refused the request.

“The complaint indicates that the driver also refused his request to take the overflights of AJC Bose Road and Parama to reach Baguiati,” said an officer.

“The driver returned to where the couple had boarded the taxi and allegedly attacked them.”

The couple filed a complaint with the New Market police station. Neither driver was arrested until late Wednesday.

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