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Delhi taxis and taxi drivers unions will observe a 2-day chakka jam from April 18 in protest against fuel and CNG price hikes

ByElla E. Kidwell

Apr 13, 2022

The Delhi Drivers’ Association and unions gave the government a six-day ultimatum, after which they threatened to strike

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In Delhi, people traveling by taxi or wishing to take a taxi home from the airport, train stations should start looking for an alternative mode of public transport. This is because the Delhi-NCR Drivers Unions and Associations have announced that they will be observing chakka jam for two days starting April 18.

The decision not to operate was taken in protest against persistently rising fuel prices.

Since April 8, 2022, taxi and taxi unions have been staging protests at several locations in Delhi-NCR to demand a reduction in fuel prices. The auto-rickshaw union also staged a protest on Monday April 11 to demand a Rs 35 subsidy on CNG fares.

A report of The Indian Express said a six-day ultimatum has been given to the government by Delhi Taxi Tourist Transporters Association, Sarvodaya Driver Association of Delhi, Expert Driver Solution Association and Sarvodaya Driver Welfare Association to revise prices. If no action is taken, these unions have threatened to strike.

Sanjay Samrat, chairman of the Delhi Tourist Taxi Transport Association, said they had been protesting for five days but the government was “turning a deaf ear” to their demands. “Now we have decided to go on an indefinite strike and no vehicles will be on the roads. This protest will continue until the government responds to our request,” he added.

Cut CNG prices or revise tariffs: Delhi taxis and car drivers protest against Jantar Mantar and threaten to strike if demand is not met

In particular, the unions and the drivers’ association had, on April 8, submitted a memorandum to the central government and to Delhi asking them to reduce the price of fuel.

Ravi Thakur, president of the Sarvodya Drivers’ Welfare Association, said drivers’ unions have called for a government app, similar to Ola and Uber, for taxis and taxi services that has fixed prices for services.

On Monday, app-based taxi aggregator Uber announced a 12% fare increase in Delhi-NCR to help partner drivers cope with the brunt of rising fuel and CNG prices. HAVE in a report quoted Nitish Bhushan, Head of Central Operations, Uber India and South Asia, said, “To help protect drivers from the impact, Uber has increased fares for rides in Delhi-NCR by 12%. Over the coming weeks, we will continue to monitor fuel price movements and take further action as necessary.”

Petrol and diesel prices today: Fuel prices unchanged on April 13 but at Rs 120.51 per liter of petrol, the most expensive ever in Mumbai

Earlier in April, petrol and diesel tariffs were increased by 80 paise per liter each, bringing the total tariff increase over the past two weeks to 10 rupees per liter last Wednesday.

After the price revision, petrol in Delhi is now procured at Rs 105.41 per litre, while diesel is fetched at Rs 95.87 per liter at Rs 96.67, according to a price notification from fuel retailers of State. In Mumbai, the prices of petrol and diesel per liter stand at Rs 120.51 and Rs 104.77 respectively.

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