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Do I need an international driving license for a holiday in France?

ByElla E. Kidwell

Oct 5, 2022

Reader question: I’m British and planning to drive in France this summer for the first time since Brexit came into effect. Will I need an international driving permit?

If you plan to drive in France as a British tourist, you can simply use your UK driving licence. This will be valid for the duration of your stay.

You do not need to obtain an international driving license or translate your license into French.

This is due to a post-Brexit deal.

Normally, people driving in France for tourist purposes with non-EU driving licenses must either obtain an international driving permit or an official translation of their license into French. These documents must be used in addition to the standard driver’s license.

This is the case for those who drive with an American and Australian driver’s license, for example.

You can see more information about getting an international driver’s license in the United States on this linkUnited Kingdom on this linkand in Australia on this link. Make sure you only go through official sources.

This option is usually easier than translation.

If you opt for translation, you must ensure that you have the document translated by an “official” translator. If you use a translator based in France, you must use a certified translator.

The French Court of Cassation has a list of official translators operating in different regions of France. You can find a list of these on this link. Note, however, that this will involve entering a list of all certified experts (not just translators) in the region of France you select. This means that you will have to go through a long document to find the contact details of a translator.

It can be even more complicated to hire a French translator living abroad, for example in the United States. The French consulate in the United States, for example, recommended verification the list of certified translators on the American Translators Association website.

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