• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Grants available for homeowners who are overdue taxes or overdue mortgages – Alice Echo News Journal

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jun 5, 2022

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In recent years, homeowners have struggled to keep up with their mortgages.

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has begun administering funds from the Homeowners Assistance Fund (HAF) enacted as part of the U.S. bailout. This program helps qualified homeowners avoid foreclosure as a result of delinquent mortgage or property tax payments.

These are grants, not loans. There is no refund requirement.

Benefits of the Farm

• Up to $25,000 for overdue property taxes on homesteads and may include accrued court fees, summary fees and other costs related to the lawsuit.

Basic Eligibility Guidelines

• Late on one or more payments: mortgage, property tax, home insurance, HOA/co-ownership fees

• Household income at or below 100% Regional Median Income (AMI) or 100% US Median Income, whichever is greater

• Own and occupy a home in Texas as your primary residence

• Experienced qualified financial hardship after January 21, 2020 (loss of income or increased expenses as a result of the pandemic)

• Required documents:

• an approved ID (driver’s license, social security card, military ID, national ID, birth certificate, etc.)

• verified tax return (W2, IRS form 1099, tax return, payslip, employer certificate)

• proof of delinquency (overdue tax return, tax lawyer’s opinion, etc.)

For more information, contact www. TexasHomeownerAssistance.com or call 833-651-3874