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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Review – Advisor Forbes INDIA

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jun 3, 2022

Optima secure

This plan was recently launched by the company. It offers consumers the option to increase coverage four times at no additional cost. This plan also comes with other benefits such as no cap on room rent, the protection benefit, which covers the cost of kits, procedure fees, and the cost of disposables used in treatment. It comes with the option of individual and family cover with total insured cover ranging from INR 5 lakh to INR 2 crore.

Main characteristics:

  • Provides a secure benefit, where the basic coverage is doubled as soon as the buyer purchases the policy
  • Offers the added benefit when there is a 100% increase in coverage after two years.
  • Gives the insured the benefit of restoration cover, where at any time when the insured makes a claim of INR 10 lakh whether partial or full, gets 100% restored for any claim during the same year.
  • Provide benefits coverage where disposable items such as PPE kits, gloves, masks, which fall under non-medical expenses, are covered. Also covers the cost of disposables, procedure fees and the cost of kits.
  • Provides an electronic second opinion for nearly 50 illnesses, where the insured gets full coverage for all costs incurred to receive a virtual consultation from a network hospital doctor.

Optima Restore – Family Plan

This is a floating family health insurance, which instantly restores the insured capital in the event of partial or total use of the health cover. It also offers a 2x multiplier benefit, which means a 50% increase in the basic sum insured just for each claim-free year. This addition to the sum insured is subject to a maximum limit of 100%. Let’s take a look at the features provided by the Optima Dining Family Plan:

Main characteristics:

  • 100% of the basic insured capital is returned immediately after the first claim partial or total use of health cover.
  • Provides a 2X multiplier benefit when the insured receives 50% growth in the base sum insured for each claim-free year, subject to a maximum limit of 100%.
  • Preventive health checks up to INR 10,000 at the time of renewal.
  • Provides daily cash of up to INR 1,000 per day and a maximum of INR 6,000 per hospitalization by opting for shared accommodation in any of the network hospitals.
  • Offers a 10% family discount if two or more members are covered by this plan.

Mon: Health Suraksha

This policy comes in three different variations, such as the Silver Smart, Gold Smart, and Platinum Smart plans. It offers the option of multi-sum insured amount ranging from INR 3 lakh to INR 75 lakh. This plan offers the option of coverage for individuals, families and seniors. Let’s take a look at some of the main features of this plan:

Main characteristics:

  • Offers sum assured options ranging from INR 3 lakh to INR 75 lakh.
  • The insured would enjoy exclusive coverages such as air ambulance, recovery benefits, and infertility coverage.
  • Provides flexible benefits such as room rent caps and co-payment clauses.
  • Provides a Sum Insured Rebound benefit, which allows the Insured to obtain additional Sum Insured, equal to the amount of the claim paid under the Base Sum Insured.
  • The policyholder has the option of choosing a long-term policy option of up to three years at an affordable premium rate.
  • The policyholder has the option of paying the annual premium in three, six and twelve equal instalments.

My: Health Medisure Super Supplement Plan

If the policyholder needs a larger insured amount, he always has the option of supplementing it with the medisure super supplementary plan. This plan guarantees the absence of health checks until the age of 55. The super complementary my:health medisure plan also offers full coverage up to the sum insured without any kind of sub-limits.

My: Suraksha Women’s Health

This policy is a comprehensive critical illness plan centered on women. It provides protection against minor ailments, serious illnesses, surgeries, and critical illnesses related to women.

Main characteristics:

  • A wide range of sum assured is available in this plan ranging from INR 3 lakh to INR 24 lakh.
  • Covers female specific heart conditions, cancer where the insured will get coverage for almost 40 critical conditions.
  • Covers major and minor illnesses when the 100% sum insured is available for the treatment of these illnesses.
  • Includes coverage for job loss, pregnancy and newborn complication coverage.
  • The policyholder will also benefit from cover for surgical procedures.
  • Offers up to INR 10,000 for a second opinion, if the insured is not satisfied with the first diagnosis.
  • The minimum and maximum entry ages to be covered are 18 and 45 respectively for the basic covers.

Types of plans listed under My:Health Women Suraksha Insurance:

  • Female Cancer Plan
  • Heart Map Woman
  • Women’s Cancer Plus Plan
  • Critical Illness Women’s Essential Plan
  • Women’s Comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Critical illness insurance

The HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Insurance policy enables the insured to obtain the necessary coverage to manage medical expenses related to critical illnesses and lifestyle related illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, brain disorder, kidney failure, etc. This single policy covers 15 critical illnesses and these plans are available with an easy purchase option for one and two years.

Main characteristics

  • Coverage for a wide range of 15 critical illnesses in one plan.
  • Lump sum payment of the insured amount in a single transaction.
  • This policy is available for one or two years and with the option of rapid renewals.
  • No requirement for a medical visit up to the age of 45.
  • Critical illness cover provides tax benefits up to INR 50,000.

iCan cancer insurance

iCan is a health insurance plan that covers the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This plan provides coverage for all types of cancer at all stages with the option of lifetime renewal. If there is a fourth stage diagnosis of cancer or a relapse type situation, then he pays the full sum insured coverage as a lump sum payment.

Main characteristics:

  • Lifetime iCan Health Plan renewal option even after receiving claims.
  • Coverage available for all types and stages of cancer.
  • Cashless cancer treatments at over 13,000 network hospitals.
  • Offers coverage for traditional and advanced treatments and also covers the cost of inpatient and outpatient treatments.
  • Provides cover up to INR 2000 as reimbursement per hospitalization for ambulance service.
  • The policyholder is entitled to receive 100% of the sum insured as a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of stage four cancer or in the event of a relapse.
  • Lump-sum benefit of 60% of the base sum insured, if the insured is diagnosed with cancer of any severity.
  • The waiting period is 120 days, which starts from the first date of the policy.

HDFC ERGO My Health Koti Suraksha

It is a standard health plan that covers various health costs such as hospitalization costs, treatments for serious illnesses, major surgery costs, daycare procedures, among others. The total insured amount of this plan is up to INR 1 crore.

Main characteristics:

  • Coverage includes pre-hospitalization costs for 60 days prior to admission and post-discharge costs for up to 180 days.
  • Coverage for medical operations, treatments and surgeries requiring less than one day of hospitalization.
  • Coverage related to AYUSH treatment and Covid-19.
  • Free health check within 60 days of policy renewal.
  • Access to health coaching services such as nutrition, fitness and psychological counseling.
  • Offers discounts on OPD consultations, pharmacy bills and diagnostic fees.