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Here’s Why Taxi Drivers Give You Low Ratings | Delhi News

Are you forcing your taxi driver to roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning, even though we are in the midst of a pandemic? Do you take off your mask when talking on the phone or don’t wear one at all during the ride? Do you have a habit of making your taxi driver wait or giving him unnecessary instructions when none is needed? Do you slam the cab door or ask your driver to drive over the speed limit? If so, it’s time to check your passenger rating on your taxi service app. Raison? Too many low ratings could even prohibit you from using the services, and we’re not exaggerating! In 2019, a taxi aggregator announced it would block passengers with consistently low ratings. While that doesn’t explain how low a rating must be for a passenger to be stranded, taxi drivers say that even if you aren’t blocked by services, they might refuse to carry you if you have. a one star rating. . Here’s how you can help prevent yourself from being on their bad side.
The pandemic has affected the way taxi drivers and passengers assess each other. Taxi driver Saleem tells us: “While we have to upload a photo of us with a mask, the passengers wear or take off theirs as they see fit!” I give clients a low rating for not wearing a mask or removing their mask while talking. Taxi driver Jtendar says, “I got too many bad ratings from customers for not turning on the air conditioning. So now when a customer asks me to turn on the air conditioning, I give them a bad rating.
Bal Kishan, another taxi driver, adds, “I don’t give bad marks, but after a client gave me a bad mark because he asked for my immunization status, and when I gave him a bad mark. asked for his, he told me he wasn’t
vaccinated and gave me a star.
Shopping with your taxi driver, asking him to exceed the limit, not wearing a seat belt! … It’s time to stop
If you are one of those passengers who stop a taxi driver to do their shopping and finish your chores halfway, know that nothing annoys taxi drivers more than that. Omveer, a taxi driver, says: “In the evening, every time I pick a passenger in areas like the Secretariat or Udyog Vihar, they go down halfway to buy fruit, etc., and end up losing 10 to 15 minutes of my time. ”
Sudhir, another taxi driver, says: “Drunk passengers get bad grades anyway because they show up drunk, but some are so drunk that they forget the routes and continue to the gate of their settlements. which are closed. Some even vomit in the cabin, which means we don’t have to do anything the next day until the car is cleaned. He adds: “I also give low marks to passengers who do not wear seat belts. They often refuse to wear a seat belt or make me wait and then ask me to go over the speed limit. In addition, the most common is the call to skip traffic lights.
Did you know that drivers judge you based on your grades?
If your rating is low, taxi drivers may not accept your ride. Monu, a taxi driver, says: “When choosing a route, the time and location are a major consideration. But when I see a customer with a five-star rating – or a 4.9 or 4.8 – I’d rather let it go. However, if a customer has one or two stars then I never give them up as that means a troublemaker. ”
Drivers also say some passengers are so concerned with their passenger ratings that they ask taxi drivers to give them nothing less than five stars. Firoz, a taxi driver, says: “I know a driver who got a call from a passenger the next day, asking if the driver got it wrong because his grades were dropping.
Narendra, another taxi driver, adds: “I stopped asking passengers to give me five stars because they then ask me to reciprocate. Passenger Koi toh aise bhi hote hain jo kehte hai – principal aapko five star deta hoon, aap bhi mujhe do, aur phone dikhao.
Drunk Passengers Have the Lowest Ratings: Taxi Drivers
Taxi drivers tell us that while the most common one-star ratings are for passengers who show up drunk and then misbehave or make the driver wait for more than five minutes, there are also many others. reasons. Cleanliness, for example, is a bigger issue than you might think! Sanjay, a taxi driver, says, “During training we are told that we have to keep car air freshener because stinky cars can give us bad grades, but what about stinky passengers? Often during
carpool, a smelly passenger will sit in the front and make the car stink. Some
the passengers are so rude that if it is a long trip of 1 to 2 hours, they take off their shoes and socks. This mostly happens in the evening (so you can imagine the smell) so we give them low marks for that.
Gautam Chaudhary, who commutes between Delhi and Gurgaon for work, says: “Taxi drivers generally prefer passengers not to eat or smoke inside their cabs due to the lingering smell. I was often prevented from doing this by taxi drivers because they didn’t want the next passenger to complain.
While some commuters complain about talkative drivers, even drivers often want a quiet driver. When a driver who likes to drive quietly has a chatty passenger, this can also result in low ratings. Akhilesh, a taxi driver, says, “When I pick up passengers at the airport or train station, I get more questions than at any other stop. ‘Yeh flyover kab bana?’, ‘Woh building kahan gayi?’, ‘Qutub Minar kab band hota hai aur yeh market kab khulta hai?’. I want to tell them I’m not your tour guide, but passengers should have mutual respect and not engage in a conversation when a driver doesn’t want it.
… OR A DJ?
Another major headache for Delhi taxi drivers is passenger song requests. It turns out that too many song requests are even
passengers of bad grades. Animesh, a taxi driver, says, “I get requests to play songs, and sometimes passengers insist on sitting in the front to play songs. Some passengers want to connect their phone to my car’s Bluetooth to listen to songs on the speaker. No taxi driver likes to be so disturbed in a 10- to 60-minute ride.

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