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How to choose the best bicycle accident lawyer – Forbes Advisor

ByElla E. Kidwell

Sep 26, 2022

Any lawyer can say they handle bicycle accidents. But not all lawyers have the same level of experience with this particular type of accident. The right attorney will assess your case, be open and honest, guide you through the process, and get the best possible outcome. Here’s what to look for when looking for representation.

Look for recommendations and references

The best way to find a lawyer is to use local referrals. If you’ve worked with an attorney for a divorce, will, home purchase, or whatever, ask that attorney to refer you to a bicycle accident attorney. This type of SEO is generally very reliable. Check with your local bar association for a referral service that can put you in touch with bicycle accident lawyers. These referral programs often vet lawyers before allowing them to participate.

Bar associations also have area practice committees listed on their sites where lawyers who practice specific areas of law network. Research the names of current and past chairpersons of the personal injury or motor vehicle accident committee. These lawyers are generally respected by their peers and experienced in this area of ​​law.

Find a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

You don’t want to be a learning experience for your attorney. Instead, you want a lawyer who has handled many bicycle accident cases. Make sure they have specific experience with bicycle accidents and not just car, motorcycle or pedestrian accidents. Bicycle accidents are a unique area of ​​law.

Ask about success rates

Ask potential lawyers what their success rate is. What amounts of settlements and rewards have they achieved for customers? How many cases have they settled or won in the past year? This will give you an idea of ​​their skills and experience.

Search for a pension contract

A bicycle accident lawyer should never ask you to pay them. Reputable accident lawyers only take on cases in emergencies. If they win or settle the case, they usually receive a third of the reward (but this can vary depending on the lawyer). You may be asked to pay a filing fee, or it may be deducted from the final award in the case. Always make sure you have a written retainer with your attorney.

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