• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Illegal taxis: Chandigarh tricity taxi drivers warn of protest outside Raj Bhavan – Reuters

ByElla E. Kidwell

Sep 15, 2022

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, September 14

The Tricity Cab Association (TCA) has threatened to hold a protest outside Punjab Raj Bhavan on September 26 if the State Transport Authority (STA) does not stop unauthorized aggregators from illegally using bicycle taxis and private four-wheeled vehicles.

The announcement was made at a meeting of taxi drivers yesterday. Academic researchers who study the gig economy of tricity also participated in the meeting.

With the infusion of limitless cars by gig rigs into tricity, drivers are facing extreme competition. Many drivers are logged into apps for 24 hours to earn a living, as they have to wait four to five hours to get a ride. Adding to their misery, aggregators are hitching up private bikes to ride on the roads as utility vehicles, said association president Vikram Singh.

He said: “There are almost 15,000 to 20,000 taxis circulating in the tricity. Aggregators illegally operate private bicycles and taxis. Taxi drivers have to pay so many taxes, buy insurance and keep so many documents. The administration takes no action against unauthorized private bicycles and taxis circulating without any documents.

He added, “As our income has decreased due to the high competition in the market, we even struggle to pay EMIs, auto insurance and license fees.”