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Lagos taxi drivers set to ditch Uber and Bolt for indigenous app companies

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jun 10, 2021


Lagos’ Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA) said on Tuesday it has partnered with two indigenous app companies for its ridesharing service.

PEDPA National President Idris Shonuga told reporters in Lagos on Tuesday that the organization has partnered with Active Ride and My Cab App as an alternative to Uber and Bolt.

He said, “These native app companies would work with the models and provide drivers with a good wellness package for driver satisfaction.

“This will allow the union to protect the collective interests of the drivers, as decisions can now be taken and jointly approved before they are binding on both parties,” PEDPA said.

The move came weeks after members of the Drivers Union launched industrial action to force Uber and Bolt to raise their fares.

Mr Shonuga said drivers and racers have suffered the shortcomings of the electronic calling industry without any mutual written agreement between car owners and foreign app companies.

“Unlike the 20% commission of the giant app companies on the team, Active Ride charges a 15% commission on each trip.

“And of the 15 percent, five percent is deposited into the driver’s cooperative wallet and can be viewed for a quick fix.

“This means that with the 10% commission charged by Active Ride, riders can now earn more and even save.

“They can now have a good maintenance routine which in turn translates into better customer service delivery,” PEDPA said.

He said the new locally developed rideshare app would allow runners to be properly profiled as they would enter their photos at the check-in point, which in turn would be displayed for runners to view.

“This will improve the safety and security of runners and drivers,” he said.


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