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Mancherial private hospitals appease paramedics with trips to Goa

ByElla E. Kidwell

Apr 4, 2022

Posted: Posted Date – 5:26 PM, Mon – 4 Apr 22

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Channel: The eager managements of some private hospitals in the Mancherial district center are exploring new ways to attract patients and improve their business. They would throw lavish parties in Goa and other popular tourist spots for ambulance drivers and owners for referring patients to their hospitals.

“A hospital management sponsored a group of drivers to travel to Goa and the cost of accommodation and beverages for a week to four days in March. The total expense of the trip was Rs 1 lakh. Another group of drivers visited the tourist site in February. Drivers drive ambulances to various hospitals in Mancherial city,” a driver told Telangana Today.

Usually, few hospitals contribute between Rs 50,000 to 1 lakh for joy trips. The directorates organize the movement of drivers not only from Mancherial district but also from the cities of Bellampalli, Chennur, Kagaznagar, Manmararri. A group of drivers from the town of Bellampalli are expected to fly to Goa on Tuesday. The trip was sponsored by a section of hospitals in the town of Mancherial.

40% commission, gifts, loans
Similarly, the management of some private retirement homes offer mobile phones and gold ornaments to drivers to appease them. They give loans to drivers and some of them buy ambulance vehicles from them. They already offer a commission of at least 40% on the total cost of medical services charged to a patient, brought by a driver. A few paramedics, who earned a lot of money, had even established a hospital in the heart of the city, with the help of a doctor.

The district center has 53 private ambulance vehicles. A total of 30 spaces have been identified to park the ambulances. Places are purchased by some hospitals by spending Rs 25,000 each. In total, drivers decide the flow of patients to 90% of hospitals in the city. As a result, the management of some hospitals is trying to lure the drivers.

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