• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

New look of international driving license unveiled with ‘Taiwan’ on cover

ByElla E. Kidwell

May 31, 2022

Taipei, May 31 (CNA) The new edition of Taiwan’s international driving license to be launched on July 1 will have “TAIWAN” on the cover, for easy identification that the document is issued by Taiwan, an official said Tuesday.

The new cover retains ‘Republic of China’, the official name of Taiwan, at the top, with ‘TAIWAN’ in English capitals printed above ‘International Driver’s Permit’, as shown at a press conference.

The change aims to protect the rights of the country’s citizens to drive abroad, said Lin Yi-sheng (林義勝), head of the Motor Vehicle Division of the General Directorate of Highways at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. (MOTC). press conference.

The decision came after lawmakers from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) earlier this month raised concerns that the existing edition was ‘easily confused’ with a document published by the ‘People’s Republic of China’. .

Some people have complained that the international driving permit, which features “Republic of China” in Chinese characters and English letters, is often confused with “People’s Republic of China,” DPP lawmaker Michelle Lin (林楚茵) said on May 7.

Lin and two other DPP lawmakers demanded that the MOTC introduce a new cover for the international driving license that follows the example of the ROC passport, the cover of which was changed in 2003 with the addition of “TAIWAN”.

The international driving permit issued by Taiwan is recognized by 48 states in the United States, 13 provinces in Canada and 34 other countries and regions on a reciprocal basis, according to the General Directorate of Highways.

On average, 160,000 people applied for the international driving permit each year from 2017 to 2019, with that number dropping to around 30,000 since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.