• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Now renew your international driving license abroad | India News

NEW DELHI: The government has removed the requirement to present a valid visa and a medical certificate when applying for an International Driving Permit (IDP). In addition, from February 15, IDP holders can also obtain permit renewal online through Indian embassies, if these expire while still abroad.
These changes were made to motor vehicle rules by the Ministry of Road Transport via a notification on Saturday. IDPs issued in India are accepted in 15 countries, including UK, US, Germany, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and Bhutan. The validity of the IDP is one year from the date of its issue or the validity of the national license, whichever occurs first.
This new standard will bring tremendous relief to those who have problems getting this key driving document renewed while in foreign countries. These individuals will need to apply through the portals of Indian embassies or overseas missions and the applications will then be transferred to the Parivahan portal for the respective RTOs to process. The Parivahan portal is the national registry for all DL and RC.
Applicants will be required to pay Rs 2,000 as a fee for this IPD renewal. They must present proof of a valid driver’s license, three copies of identity photographs, proof of valid nationality and proof of valid passport. They should also indicate the address to which the renewed IDP can be delivered to where the person is staying.
An official said the visa requirement has been removed as several countries offer a visa on arrival and in such cases the visa is not available when someone applies for an IDP in India. before the journey. The conditions for a medical certificate when applying for an IPD have also been removed since the citizen who has a valid driver’s license no longer needs an additional medical certificate.
He added that the changes were made after the government learned that in some cases, for citizens who were traveling abroad and were in a foreign country, the IDP expires and there is no mechanism for its renewal abroad.

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