• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Ola cheats on taxi drivers, alleges workers’ organization

Hyderabad: The Indian Federation of Application-Based Transport Workers (IFAT) alleged on Sunday that a “massive” scam had been carried out by Ola Technologies Pvt Ltd and ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd. The workers’ organization said the first ridesharing company in India that started out as a cab-aggregator has succeeded in “eradicating small travel agents” in almost every major city and made taxi owners their drivers. partners and began to “dictate” terms in the taxi industry.

IFAT, in an Oct. 3 press release, further said that some of the partner drivers told the organization that Ola was not happy with this success and the competition from other taxi aggregators. its own vehicles. “Although the program seems reasonable and profitable for both the driver and the company, the real intention behind the program is to cheat the drivers,” said Shaik Salauddin, president of IFAT.

“Since no driver would agree to work for just Rs. 300 / – in twelve working hours by depositing Rs. 31,000 the company presented an attractive offer. The company has publicized widely that a driver can own a Sedan car in four years by depositing Rs. 30,000, ”Salahuddin added.

The company has given drivers a rosy picture that the company will deliver Rs. 3,000 in 12 hours and collect the lowest commission on the company at 5% which will be Rs. 150, IFAT alleged. “The driver has to bear the fuel costs of around Rs. 1,000 and pay the company Rs. 1095 as a daily installment to own the car in 4 years, therefore the driver’s daily gain will be Rs. 750”, he said said Shaik Salauddin.

He added that poor and illiterate drivers fell prey to this attractive offer and signed the rental agreement. The twist here, according to IFAT, is that the daily deposit is shown as the daily rental in the agreement. The company would have prepared a rental contract and would have framed it entirely in its favor. “No driver can fight the business legally,” added Shaik Salauddin.

Almost 4,000 Twin Cities drivers alone suffered from this fraud and paid thousands of euros of hard earned money to the company and the Ola company reportedly collected around Rs. 120 crore from the drivers as a security deposit, added the statement from IFAT.

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