• Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Rajasthan Government May Revise SOPs for Online Taxi Drivers | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: The Department of Transportation will revise the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for checking drivers for online taxi services in Rajasthan after officials received complaints about misconduct with passengers.
Department officials met with representatives of the companies concerned last month but were not satisfied with the process they followed. Therefore, it was decided to make the SOP more stringent.
“We met the representatives of the taxi services online but the documents and the driver recruitment process shared by them were not satisfactory. It started with the Uber service, but we will also talk to Ola, as the driver screening process needs to be done in detail so that their background is properly checked. Although we have an SOP in place for the same, we are considering revising it as passenger safety is paramount. We will hold a meeting with the representatives of the taxi services again this week to discuss it, ”said an official from the transport department.
According to officials, taxi services have an online system where most of the time customers do not give an explicit reason for a low rating to a driver due to fear of being identified. Even taxi companies only take vehicle registration details and driver’s license information.
Officials said they began reviewing the driver check after an informal complaint was brought to their attention in which a woman was traveling with a child in a taxi when the driver allegedly misbehaved with them.
Driving licenses are issued by the RTOs and the necessary measures can be taken in the event of a crime. All taxi drivers are required to obtain a certificate from the police stating that the driver in question does not have a criminal record with proof of address etc.


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