• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

Rising fuel prices hit black Oxford cab drivers

Oxford’s BLACK cab drivers take the brunt of record gasoline prices.

As taxi fares are set by Oxford City Council, taxi drivers cannot increase fares without first obtaining council approval.

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The City of Oxford Licensed Taxicab Association (Colta), which represents the drivers of Oxford’s iconic black cab, says drivers have been affected by high fuel prices but that a fare increase would be unfair to customers.

Sajad Khan, Colta’s secretary, said: “We have to come up with a tariff increase and we have to get it approved by the board, otherwise we can’t get it – it’s a long process for us.

“The current system with the increase in tariffs and the way it is maintained in this way is a good system because in this way there is no room for an unduly / unfair tariff increase that could harm our customers. .

Secretary of Colta Sajad Khan

“With fuel prices in mind it is important to stress this even though the increase in the price of fuel has a huge impact on commerce and drivers as we are seeing a significant impact on the mileage we drive. and the fuel we need to put in. ”

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There are 107 black taxis in Oxford but some are not yet on the road after Covid.

Mr. Khan said despite the high fuel prices, maintaining good customer relationships is a priority.

He added: “We care about our customers – we don’t want to lose our customers.

“On the one hand, fuel prices are going up, but we don’t want to increase prices at a time when the economy is just starting to see some normalcy and we are increasing sales, which would impact customers.

“So we have to be very careful about the price. But fuel prices have an impact on us – we have to invest more money for less mileage.”

Oxford Mail: Secretary at Colta Sajad KhanSecretary at Colta Sajad Khan

Oxford’s taxi companies struggled a month ago when the country faced a fuel shortage with some drivers running out of fuel. Mr Khan says the current high gasoline prices are just another difficulty facing black taxi drivers.

He said: “Business always faces challenges, whether it’s accessing certain inner-city roads, fuel shortages, or fuel prices. We have to be on the road, we have to be on the road. our livelihoods and our vehicles need fuel, so it’s a tough time right now, but we have to do our best. ”

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