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Rising Gas Prices Affect Taxi Drivers | Local

ByElla E. Kidwell

Mar 12, 2022

Medford, OR – Local taxi drivers are being hit by high gas prices. Drivers who pay out of pocket to fill up their tank are seeing this affect their daily profits.

Andrea Madamba Ceyboldt Porto is co-owner of JC Taxi in Grants Pass with her husband. They discussed the idea of ​​raising their rates to help pay their gas bill.

“At the moment I’m not looking to take advantage of it, but just to balance things out, all the drivers have agreed that in a few weeks we will increase our pick-up rates,” Porto said.

JC Taxi owns 10 other vehicles that she and her husband rent to their other drivers. Before gas prices rose, she said it cost her drivers an average of $15 to add gas to their car. This week alone, it cost him $28 per shift.

Raemi Meador with A to B Friends and Family Taxi has already seen high petrol prices affect his daily profit. His team discussed raising their rates to help fill their tanks due to the impact it has on their gas bill.

“We care about our community and it hurts us to raise prices, we’re just asking for people’s understanding,” Meador says.

She says her gas bill has nearly doubled in the past month and believes it is steadily rising. His goal is to help the community move and hope they understand the possible increase.

Both companies have made it clear that their taxi fairs will only increase temporarily. Once prices come down, they would return to their normal rates.

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