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Taxi drivers decide to launch ‘no Ac’ campaign, commuters feel the heat | Hyderabad News

ByElla E. Kidwell

Mar 27, 2022
HYDERABAD: The Telangana State Taxi and Driver Joint Action Committee on Saturday confirmed its decision to launch the “No AC” campaign in a bid to crack down on app aggregators to raise fares in view of the recent fuel hike. However, angry customers took to Twitter, with most saying they had become “scapegoats in the battle”. They complained that they were being charged an unauthorized extra charge for turning on the air conditioner.
The decision was initially taken by the Kolkata Taxi Drivers Association and later several drivers from New Delhi and Mumbai also did the same. “It happened to me on Thursday as I was traveling from Gachibowli to Moula Ali. The taxi driver had a cheeky poster behind his seat mentioning a charge of 50 for AC trips between 0km and 25km and 100 for the I had to cancel my taxi ride,” said Vamsi Krishna, an IT professional residing in Moula Ali.
“Shocking!! The driver refused to turn on the AC unless we paid extra for the AC. Is this something new? I had to cancel the trip after getting in the taxi,” tweeted Aditi Singh, another commuter.
However, there were also sympathetic responses towards taxi drivers. Another user, John Francis, tweeted, saying, “I’m sorry for your experience, but you can’t blame the drivers. The main reason for this is a 45% increase in the cost of gasoline in two years. This is completely crazy.
“Aggregation companies are not prepared to hear the concerns of drivers and resolve the issue. Diesel price today in Hyderabad is 98.10 per litre. The transport service must intervene. Currently, per km is less than 12 to 13, drivers want at least 24 to 25 per km to turn on the air conditioning,” National General Secretary of the Indian Federation of App Based Transport Workers (IFAT) Shaik Salauddin told TOI.
A meeting was organized in this regard on Saturday by the taxi association in Hyderabad to push forward the No AC campaign.
“We started this as a pilot project in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and now in Hyderabad as well. We are getting a more sympathetic response from consumers as many are paying the amount,” Salauddin added.
Meanwhile, when a taxi aggregator was contacted for a response, officials said they were reviewing the matter and taking appropriate action.