• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Taxi drivers will operate from the Uber app

ByElla E. Kidwell

Apr 10, 2022

Signatories of the Uber and Taxi Driver agreement.

The Uber digital mobility platform and the associations of taxi drivers in the Bávaro – Punta Cana region have signed an agreement allowing them to join this platform and offer their services in hotels.

The agreement that puts an end to two years of disputes and negotiations was signed by Uber, the Dominican Confederation of Tourist Taxi Drivers (Codotatur) and the associations affiliated with this entity: Verón Taxi, Asotatupal and Siutratural, and in a draft driver include 4,500 taxi drivers in this area, who can now be activated as partner drivers in the Uber app or app with the new “Uber Select” option.

Uber’s public affairs manager for the Caribbean, Central America and the Andes, Sylvia Alvarado, explained that Uber Select will be the only option available in the app with which partner drivers can pick up users at hotels. from Bávaro -Punta Cana area reserved for Codotatur taxi drivers.

But the UberX option will continue to be available as before, but outside of hotels. Tourism Minister David Collado said this would allow him to provide better services to tourism and capitalize on its growth.


Santiago Zamora, President of Codotatur, said: “It fills us with satisfaction that after several months of meetings, it has been possible to formalize this alliance which allows us to access the platform and its cutting-edge technology for increase our opportunity to generate more profits. We are happy with this alliance for the development of transport in the Dominican Republic, which together we can promote even more.

Tourism Minister David Collado said he was more than satisfied with the signing of the agreement, as it is the result of long months of work and dialogue.

“Today, with this agreement, we are setting a good example and specifying that consultation, dialogue and strategic alliance are the key to unity to ensure the safest and most efficient taxi transport service in our tourists in the Eastern region and throughout the country,” said Minister Collado.