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The demand for an international driving license is increasing; international students and visitors take the bandwagon – The New Indian Express

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KOCHI: Driving a private vehicle in a foreign country is still an elusive dream for so many Indian nationals abroad. Due to the technicalities of obtaining an international driver’s license, an overwhelming number of Indians going abroad depend on taxis and other services to get around.

However, the International Driving Permit (IDP) offers a viable alternative. It allows the license holder to drive a private vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognizes IDPs. This explains the growing demand for displaced people.

Ernakulam RTO Jojy P José

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (MVD), demand for internally displaced people has peaked, especially in the past five years.

Whereas previously celebrities and businessmen were its main takers, students and overseas travelers have now started to line up in front of the relevant regional transport officer, the issuing authority. IDP.
About 3,000 driver’s license holders had applied for the international driver‘s license in the past four years, according to MVD data.

“Yes, the IDP is now a big hit among licensees embarking on overseas tours. After celebrities and businessmen, IDP takers now include students and tourists. On average, we get almost 100 applications every month for the IDP and the demand seems to be increasing all the time, ”said Jojy P Jose, Ernakulam RTO.

“As part of Ernakulam’s RTO itself, 685 licensees applied for an IDP in 2016. It was 670 in 2017 and 795 in 2018. This year (until June 30) the department has already issued 552 IDP, ”he said.

Demand for internally displaced people skyrocketed after the Center signed a pact with the Gulf countries. “Previously, the IDP was not recognized in West Asia. But internally displaced people have obtained legal validity in the Gulf region following the agreement signed between India and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). As several thousand Malayalés visit GCC countries, the demand for internally displaced people has increased. In addition, some countries give additional preference to IDP holders when issuing their respective licenses. It has also contributed to the surge in demand, ”said BJ Antony, former Ernakulam RTO.

To obtain an IDP, which is valid for one year, an application on Form 4A must be submitted to the relevant RTO along with the driver’s license, three passport-sized photographs, two passport copies, a visa and a travel ticket. plane and the Fee payment receipt of Rs 1200, which includes a service fee of Rs 200.

“If we have an IDP, there is no need to spend a fortune on taxi services in foreign countries. We can use motorcycles and cars, available at great rates in foreign countries, if we have IDPs, ”said Raphael Nirmal Gilbert, Aluva-based fitness trainer, who used IDP during a visit to the site. Indonesian island of Bali in June.

Benefits of the international driving license

Some countries will not allow you to rent a car unless you have the PDI
It certifies you to drive a vehicle in a foreign country.
No additional driving tests.
The IDP is accepted in more than 150 signatory countries of the agreement.

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