• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

The middle-class fantasy tale is quite confusing

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jun 26, 2022
The film Thurthu Nirgama (meaning EMERGENCY EXIT) begins with a few grieving relatives waiting outside a morgue where the corpses of their loved ones were kept. The bodies of VikramName (Sunil Raoh) and Jeevan (Achyuth Rao) were also lying in the morgue. As Vikram’s parents were in tears outside the morgue, Vikram’s soul is seen pleading for a nurse (Sudha Rani) not to send his body for an autopsy because he doesn’t want to die so soon. Vikram’s soul begs the nurse to allow him to lead a normal life with his parents as he has many incomplete tasks to complete. The nurse gives her three days to complete all her tasks. He asks for more time but she refuses.

At this point, the director introduces a taxi driver (Raj B Shetty) who wants to kill himself because he is unable to repay the loans given to his friends. Meanwhile, Vikram tries to reach out to his girlfriend Milli (Hitha Chandrasekhar) but it’s too late. He approaches Sindhu (Samyukta Hegde), a cricket coach. What happens to him and the taxi driver is the highlight.

Regarding the performance of the artists, Sunil Raoh, as an intelligent and irresponsible son, did well. His second-half performance as a worried son and brother deserves a pat on the back. Hitha Chandrasekhar and Samyuktha Hegde did well. Aruna Balaraj steals the show with her outstanding performance. Nagendra Shah, as a concerned father, provided good support. Sudha Rani and Achyuth Rao also did well. Raj B Shetty as a gullible taxi driver who vouched for some taxi drivers for a loan and as a concerned son and husband is compelling. The film sends the much-needed message to society, especially young people, that suicide is not a solution to problems.


The film fails to impress the audience due to its usual format. It doesn’t have elements like stunts, a hero and heroine running around trees, or comedy to entertain a mass audience.

The scene where Samyukta Hegde falls in love with Sunil Raoh is far from convincing. This film is a kind of fantasy drama that ends up confusing the audience.

It’s worth watching if you have the patience to delve into the woes of middle-class families.