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“The taxi drivers go on the highway and then extort money”: a user tells his story | bangalore

ByElla E. Kidwell

Sep 13, 2022

Financial modeling and valuation analyst Ayush Agrawal booked an Ola taxi on Tuesday morning to travel from a hotel to Bengaluru airport. He got in, gave the driver the OTP, and settled in for the ride. What he did not know was that the driver had not entered the office of the Prosecutor. Instead, he waited until they were on the freeway to stop the car and ask for the cash prize.

Agrawal recounted the incident in a nine-tweet thread, saying, “Ola drivers will accept the trip, ask the OTP, don’t enter, go on the highway, then pull over and extort money. money then will drive there. Not surprised. My mistake, I booked an Ola Cab. Will only ask for help from authorities in Jabalpur. Bengaluru is not a place to ask for help. to people.

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“The best part of the freeways. Passengers can’t get out of cars and call new cabs.”

The driver canceled the trip after leaving from the pick up point so none of the taxi details were visible to Agrawal as he was virtually stuck in the middle of a highway with no choice but to pay the driver in cash and continue. with the rest of the trip to catch his flight.

Agrawal also shared a screenshot showing the trip was canceled as he traveled with Ola’s driver to the highway from his hotel.

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“I would ask @bhash to at least ban these drivers when the cases arise. And I would like to ask, ‘Why are your drivers canceling rides and demanding, without asking, cash and saying that Ola does not pay? It was not my first experience, although this one was very rough,” added Agrawal.

He said another driver accepted the ride before his trip, but asked Agrawal to cancel the ride and pay him the estimated fare directly while he was still at the hotel.

“A second guy before him accepted the trip, made me wait 3-5 minutes, then when he came he asked for the amount shown on the app and told me to cancel. At least he was decent enough to do this while I was at the hotel. All the wonders of booking a @Olacabs near @BLRAirport,” he tweeted.

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Agrawal told Hindustan Times that he had contacted Ola about the incident but had not received a response as of this writing. He expressed concern for passenger safety and said, “It’s not about the money. Honestly, I had a really weird feeling when I was in the cab, and I don’t want my daughter to ever have (the same feeling).

“How can someone ask for money after the amount has been fixed? This too stops away from the pickup point, and the passenger meanwhile assumes that the OTP has been entered. What if it doesn’t enter OTP and stops elsewhere? Since the ride wasn’t taken, how would I have tracked it if it was my daughter? ” he said.

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“Frankly, the amount does not matter to me, nor the incident. But my paternal instinct kicks in whenever such things happen. Paying double through app is fine, driver accepts trip, stops after pick up away from plc pickup, doesn’t enter OTP and then asks for money, it’s not not the case,” he said in another tweet.

In a similar incident in May, a Bengaluru resident who had booked a ride at the station for his family to go to Mysuru, said debt collectors blocked the car halfway and threatened the driver with confiscation. the vehicle if he did not pay his previous installments. just then. Eventually, the whole family got stranded on the freeway.

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Discontent is brewing against taxi aggregators in Bengaluru lately, with debates erupting from time to time over their reliability for a safe and smooth ride.