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This new application allows passengers and taxi drivers to negotiate their fare online

ByElla E. Kidwell

Apr 4, 2022

A new ride-sharing app was launched in Kolkata on Monday, which allows passengers and taxi drivers to negotiate the fare online before finalizing the trip for city or station rides. inDriver, a California-based ridesharing platform, announced on Monday the start of its services in the city with more than 4,000 drivers, a senior company official said.

Kolkata is the first metropolis where the new app taxi service has been launched and in the coming months more metros will be covered, Nanda said.

It promises zero surges and very low service fees for drivers. Unlike typical ridesharing apps, inDriver aims to offer riders and drivers the ability to negotiate the fare for a ride. If a passenger receives multiple offers at the same price, he can make his choice based on the driver’s estimated arrival time, price, vehicle model and driver rating, said Pavit Nanda, relationship manager. public for South Asia. ”inDriver is a service that allows drivers and passengers to meet and agree independently on all the terms of each trip. A passenger can use our app to find offers and get counter offers directly from nearby drivers. In turn, a driver has the right to decide for himself which ride request suits him and to offer his own prices,” she said.

With zero surge, zero payment for the service for the first three months, inDriver aims to make its business model transparent to passengers and drivers, Nanda said.

”It is the only application that allows users to negotiate their taxi fare before booking the trip in real time. After three months, our commission will be between 5 and 10%,” she said.

inDriver fares are expected to be lower at all times as the commission burden for drivers will be less. At 5-10%, it will be nearly 20% less than existing taxi aggregators Uber and Ola which charge nearly 30%, according to the app’s taxi drivers. The App Cab associations have long demanded that Uber and Ola reduce the commission to a maximum of 15-20% including tax.

Nanda said booking a ride requires entering the trip’s starting location and destination into the app. An indicative fare will be displayed and the passenger can propose his own fare.

The app will show drivers an offer price and if drivers near the service wish to charge more, this can be accepted or declined depending on customer preference.

inDriver stated that all of its drivers are verified. The app has already launched its service in Chandigarh, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Lucknow and Jaipur.