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TikToker Ng Ming Wei gives S $ 5,000 to taxi drivers, moved to tears


Singapore – TikTok star Ng Ming Wei, or @mingweirocks on social media, posted a video of him tipping taxi drivers totaling S $ 5,000 in a special video.

The 26-year-old athlete and social media personality, with over 18.4 million followers on TikTok, is well known for his viral prank videos with his father.

In the video posted to Facebook on July 22, Ng spoke for the first time on camera. He explained his initiative to hand over S $ 500 each to 10 struggling taxi drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ng also said he would venture to support local food stalls and deliver the food to bus drivers.

During his conversations with taxi drivers, it was often pointed out that they were struggling and facing reduced incomes amid the pandemic.

When they reached the destination, Ng then asked the drivers if they accepted tips and handed them S $ 500.

Many drivers reacted with surprise to the amount and immediately refused the amount because they were having difficulty accepting the money.

Photo: screenshot FB / Ng Ming Wei

“We really want to help the taxi drivers,” Ng said at one point. “Because I think the next month is going to be a bit tough.”

After Ng insisted, they finally agreed and thanked him for his kind gesture. One driver was even moved to tears after receiving the tip.

Photo: screenshot FB / Ng Ming Wei

Another driver has indicated that he may return home afterwards due to the amount received.

Photo: screenshot FB / Ng Ming Wei

With over 233,000 views to date, members of the online community have praised Ng’s actions.

“This is a great gesture and a good example for all to follow,” said Andrew Lim, Facebook user. “If each passenger can give the drivers a few dollars for their fares, I think it will help them a lot. “

Others stressed the “down-to-earth” nature of taxi drivers.

“The takeaway from this video is that our cab drivers are very down to earth and honest,” Facebook user Jes Lyn said. “No one wants to receive tips until more pressure is put on. That’s what touched me in this video… which really shows a lot of character in our taxi drivers. / TISG

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