• Wed. Sep 21st, 2022

Two arrested for theft and murder of two taxi drivers in Delhi

Delhi police have arrested two men for robbing and killing two taxi drivers working with Uber at two different locations in the nation’s capital. On Friday morning, two taxi drivers were robbed and murdered in Anand Parbat and Bharat Nagar areas.

The accused have been identified as Aakash (19) and Junaid (19) and efforts are underway to catch the third co-accused, Pritam. Police said the accused used to book taxi drivers and choke them to death to rob them.

On Friday morning, police noticed an Uber R taxi car parked on the side of the road near Ramjas ground with a man lying unconscious inside. The person was immediately transferred to RML Hospital but was pronounced dead.

According to the police, no apparent wounds were visible but there was blood around the mouth. The deceased was identified as Anil Yadav (48), a taxi driver. The deceased’s mobile phone and wallet were found missing and the manner of death appeared suspicious.

Two taxi drivers killed

Police opened an investigation and the body of another driver from Uder was found in the Bharat Nagar area. The deceased, identified as Chhavi Nath, was also killed in the same manner.

The investigative team checked more than 70 CCTVs and also obtained the details of the passengers from the Uber office in Gurgaon. The victim’s mobile number was also put under surveillance and details of the call detail record (CDR) were obtained.

Shweta Chauhan, DCP (Central), said: “During sustained questioning, the defendants revealed that they hatched a conspiracy to book taxi drivers and would later rob them with their friend Pritam. “

Accused drug addicts

The accused duo booked the taxi from Kamal T point on the night of January 6-7. After traveling some distance, they strangled the taxi driver’s neck from behind and choked him to death. They took the taxi driver’s cell phone and dumped his body near the sidewalk. The couple drove the taxi and left it at Gulabi Bagh.

Again on January 7, at around 6:45 a.m., they got into another taxi at Anand Parbhat and killed the driver using the same modus operandi. In both cases, the victim’s mobile phones and cash were looted by the accused.

Police said Aakash worked in a mobile repair shop and Junaid sold chicken. Both are drug addicts and they used to commit robberies with Pritam to get money for drugs. The police also recovered three cell phones in their possession.

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