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Unions plan to put 5,000 taxi drivers back on the road from blacklisted apps


Don’t keep your Uber taxi driver waiting; its costs have increased, while the waiting time has decreased. Unbeknownst to Mumbaikars, the unions of mobile aggregator operators say that from this week, the waiting period has decreased and prices have increased. Not only that, unions and taxi driver Uber also discussed reinstating blacklisted drivers who were fired for futile reasons.

The meeting, according to the Maharashtra Rajya Rashtriya Kamgar Sangh (MRRKS) union which represents the drivers of these aggregator operators, was held on March 19, with Uber. However, Ola has yet to respond to the meeting with the union. For starters, the waiting period of passengers taking Uber will bleed their pockets.

According to sources, the driver used to wait 5 minutes for the meter to start counting at Rs 3 per minute. “It has been two days since the waiting period fell to 3 minutes and the price is Rs 3.15 per minute for Uber. However, Ola did not answer us and we will decide soon on the way forward ”, confirmed Anand Kute, Organizing Secretary, MRRKS.

Second, around 5,000 aggregator taxi drivers who have been blacklisted, not least because of passenger issues, mostly for frivolous reasons, may be reinstated soon. This list was provided by the union to the Uber taxi driver. These drivers could be reinstated after next week, once management has seen the list of drivers provided by the union.

Drivers who have been blacklisted for serious allegations will not be reinstated. Unions have already asked blacklisted drivers to keep documents ready for re-verification. There are currently 40,000 drivers – the majority of whom work for Uber – on the road, although there are still 10,000 other drivers who, on a daily average, stay off-road.

Throughout the past year, nearly 50,000 other drivers have returned to their countries of origin. There are approximately 40,000 aggregator taxis on the route. Recently, a letter was written by MRRKS to Maharashtra Minister of Transport, Anil Parab, and the consolidation companies demanding an increase in tariffs. They want the base rate to be Rs 100 and for the next kilometer, Rs 20-25.

Meanwhile, Uber and Ola have not commented on the issues at the time of going to press.

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Posted on: Wednesday March 31, 2021 12:07 am IST


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