• Wed. Nov 16th, 2022

Your trip has been canceled… And it has become more expensive too

ByElla E. Kidwell

Jul 16, 2022
By Navya M.

The number of taxis plying the city’s roads has been reduced as many in the financial slump have had to abandon their taxis

Do you find it difficult to find a taxi these days? Well, you’re not alone – it turns out that there is a shortage of taxis, which also leads to higher prices. According transport department data, 3,38,842 taxis and 1,15,363 maxi taxis are registered across the state, but currently around 2-2.50 lakh vehicles are on the roads. This means that out of 4.54 lakh taxis, barely 40-50% are operational, according to taxi owner organizations.

Due to the pandemic and its consequences, several companies are not yet fully working out of the office. This caused major financial problems for taxi owners, as a result of which many car owners were forced to sell them as they could not pay bank loan installments. Some other cars were seized due to non-payment of loans.

As a result, the number of taxis providing rental has been halved. Now that all activities have returned to normal, the cost of cars has also doubled and many who had given up their cars are unable to buy new ones.

“Taxi owners are in dire straits due to rising petrol and diesel prices. Existing taxis are unable to keep up with customer demand. Taxis are hard to find after 5 p.m. even if customers agree to pay more. If IT and other businesses reopen or start working from the office, the demand for taxis will increase. Likewise, the rent will also increase. Rates are set according to time and demand Now the taxi fare has gone up 20-40%,” said a taxi driver

More expensive cars

Another taxi driver said that all car manufacturers have increased the cost of vehicles. “Now there is another round of price increases. The ex-showroom price of the car is much higher now. The cars that were available at low prices are now unaffordable. also increased with the price of the car, so customers can buy a car or a bicycle but 17-23% more money needs to be paid,” the taxi driver said.

New policy causing distress to drivers

The central government twice reduced the excise duty on fuel. As a result, many states, including Karnataka have lowered prices. However, the price of petrol did not drop below Rs.100. Car maintenance costs have doubled, drivers say.

A member of the Tourist Vehicle Owners Association told the Bangalore Mirror: ‘The cars are more expensive because the central government has ordered the manufacture of vehicles using the ‘Go Green’ system, which does not harm the environment. and gives more mileage with less fuel.”

As the production of diesel vehicles has decreased, the price has also increased. It is difficult to obtain loans from financial institutions and to buy new vehicles. The consequence of all this is the lack of taxis available for hire to the public, says Karnataka State Tour Owners Association President K Radhakrishna Holla.